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Sunday, December 17, 2006

Stuttgart Restaurants

I'm down to my last couple of hours in Germany - and let me tell you, it's depressing. We've spent 7 years here getting to know the city, its people, and of course German cuisine. We're hitting our favorite spots 'one last time' and savoring as much as possible because I'm not sure where I'll be able to get maultaschen or a flammkuchen near Ft. Jackson, South Carolina. So, as I say good-bye to my home, let me offer some of my top recommendations on where to eat in the Stuttgart area:

* The Busnauerhof in Busnau (near Patch Barracks) - I got my first taste of German food here so I made sure they were my very last meal in Europe. Detlef is a genius in the kitchen and his wife, Marion, is angelic. I love the entire menu and this is the ONLY place that I will eat tiramisu - it's perfect.

* The Lowen in Vaihingen (next to the Rathaus near the square) - two ladies own this restaurant and it's my favorite place for maultaschen. Rob loves the Cordon Bleu and their Zanderfilet (fish) is famous.

* Coc@inn in Stuttgart (on Schloss Strasse - I take the S Bahn to the Feuersee and walk 3 blocks). This one's an original - a Brit that grew up in South Africa and owns a Mexican restaurant in Germany. The burritos are enormous and if you don't like the vegetarian one, it's free. Great atmosphere, fun food, and guacamole that Rob and I fight over (he hates the stuff).

* Le Rose (on Patch Barracks) - yes, we love Le Rose so much that when we call, they know who it is and what we normally order. I love Italian and this is has been one of our favorites throughout our time here.

* The Brauhaus (in Boeblingen) - this one's been a new find but lots of fun. If you wish it was Oktoberfest time again, visit the Brauhaus. Set up like a fest tent (with the long tables and everything), this is the perfect place to bring a large group of friends. There's even a playground out back for the kids, great for summertime dinners. The only thing missing is the ohm-pa-pa band.

* Tavern Olympus (in Vaihingen on the Hauptstrasse) - The owner bubbles over with personality while the food explodes with flavor. I ADORE the lamb goulash and the tzayziki just by itself is worth going for.

Of course, I've eaten at tons of other places but these stick out in my mind as not only delicious but great atmospheres and wonderful owners. I'll definitely miss visiting them!

I'll be off-line over the next several days as we transition back to the states but we should be up and running again after Christmas! Auf wiedersein to Germany and have a beautiful holiday season!


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