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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Interlaken, Switzerland: An Unpolluted Paradise

You’ve got to wonder where the Swiss go to relax and unwind as their entire country is pure heaven. Chocolate, yodeling, mocha-colored cows with bells that gently sing with each step, and charming chateaus – all set within the mountainous bliss of the Alps. I can’t speak for all Swiss, but plenty of them as well as masses of international visitors migrate to the quiet town of Interlaken each year.

Interlaken’s name means ‘between the lakes’…appropriate, as it sits elbow-to-elbow between the Thun and Brienz Lakes. Scenery meant for a jigsaw puzzle, this Swiss Town blends a traditional look with modern times. Ice-cold alpine waters boisterously rush through the town. Colored with a slightly blue-green tinge from the mountain minerals, it provides a source of power for the area. This water power ensures an uninterrupted energy supply and residents and visitors alike enjoy breathing the invigoratingly crisp, fresh air.

A simple walk around town is enough to excite the sense – trendy shops, traditional gifts and books, and restaurants that practically drag in a passerby with the tantalizing aromas floating out from the kitchen. The Metropole Hotel claims the best view in town – climb to its rooftop restaurant and take in the breathtaking panorama while enjoying a tasty lunch. Hikers can continue their strolls up the peaks of the Jungfrau, Eiger, and Mönch Mountains. Those not wanting to travel vertically can instead take a boat ride out on one of the crystal clear lakes that reflect the brilliant blue heavens and towering summits. Conversely, those in need of an adrenaline rush in the mist of this quaint village can hire the services of a local paragliding company. Take a deep breath and jump with one of many experienced paraglider pilots – let the wind gently lift you up and carry you off the side of a mountain, over hundreds of toothpick-sized pine trees. Despite wind-burned cheeks, freezing fingers, and the deafening hum of the cold wind in your ears, a paragliding trip is well worth the unsurpassed birds-eye view of the sparkling lakes below.


At 4:01 AM, Blogger Laurel said...

I loved Interlaken! What a diverse place - a lot store owners who are Japanese.

The family took a trip up one of the mountains in a cogwheel type bus, what and adventure and extremely beautiful!


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